The NYSE has asked the SEC to delay the effectiveness of its recently approved rule requiring listed companies to provide notice to the Exchange at least 10 minutes before making a public announcement about a dividend or stock distribution.

On August 14, when the rule change was approved by the SEC that would require listed companies to provide the Exchange with advance notice, including outside of the hours in which the Exchange’s immediate release policy operates, many assumed that the rule was immediately effective since nothing in the rule filing indicated otherwise.

In its proposal to the SEC, NYSE states that it is asking for the delay to provide listed companies with additional time to prepare and for the Exchange’s new technology systems to provide the necessary support to Exchange staff in reviewing notifications.  The Exchange indicates that it will provide reasonable advance notice of the new implementation date to listed companies by emailing a notice to them that will also be posted on, and that the new implementation date will be no later than February 1, 2018.

Until then, the text of Rule 204.12 continues to state that notice should be given as soon as possible after declaration of the dividend or stock distribution and in any event, no later than simultaneously with the announcement to the news media.